At Wellspring, we are passionate about seeing the growth and wellbeing of individuals. We are also firm believers that it is just as important to take care of the health of groups in any context.

Often, the workplace environment can be where health issues such as stress, anxiety, and burnout begin. Through our corporate workshops, we aim to teach your staff ways to manage their health while struggling with these issues or as a preventative measure. We can tackle topics such as stress management, dealing with anxiety, supporting others in crisis or our workshop can aim to promote health and wellbeing within your workplace.

Each of our tailored workshops are available for your place of work. Catered to the wellbeing needs of staff teams in any setting, may it be in a corporate environment, your teaching staff or within church groups. The possibilities are endless. We seek to bring life back to your workplace.

Our Wellspring workshops can help with the wellbeing of your team, which can enhance the professional development needs creating a more thriving environment. Our trained practitioners will aim to identify and meet your unique needs as an individual or a group and can be delivered onsite or at our Wellspring base.

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