There is hope for people who have been broken by the loss of a loved one through suicide.

On this long, rocky and difficult journey, there is grief, anger, helplessness and a deep emotional pain, which feels ‘unbearable’.

In those early days you cannot see past the traumatic pain of losing a loved one. When your loved one dies through suicide there is such devastation, helplessness, disbelief and often a sense of failure and self-blame. Life can often feel unendurable, but there is help and support.

We want to provide an opportunity for you in an unhurried way to explore your loss with others who understand the devastation of loss through suicide. We will help you explore some of the difficult questions you have. We will also seek to encourage one another, and trust that you will experience renewed hope for the future.

For these sessions we will be joined by Colin Cooper. Colin’s son, Matthew died through suicide, after living with depression for a period of time. Over the last several years Colin has read, studied and trained in counselling to firstly try and make sense of what felt unexplainable in his own family situation. He also has used this experience and knowledge to begin to help others. He has supported people struggling with thoughts of suicide or who have been bereaved by suicide in a Suicide Prevention Charity in Dungannon for the past 4 years part-time, as well as working with Craigavon Baptist Church.

Next session: TBC
Length of workshop: Three sessions
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