At Wellspring counselling we offer you a confidential counselling service to support you in your area of expressed need and facilitate a journey towards increased resilience, healing and wellbeing.

Counselling and Therapy are terms used to describe a range of talking therapies and at Wellspring counselling we provide many of these therapies including CBT and person-centred therapy. During your initial free assessment the counsellor will chat with you about some of these therapies and the counselling you receive will be tailored towards your expressed need and aims for therapy. Our counsellors provide both short-term counselling up to 6 sessions or more long-term support if required.

Why do people seek counselling?
Often people seek counselling because they are experiencing a difficult time in their life. Bereavement, depression, anxiety, divorce, abuse, redundancy or chronic health challenges are some examples of issues that clients would typically chat to our counsellors about.

At Wellspring we also recognise the benefit of counselling not necessarily when we are facing a crisis but as a way of building resilience, becoming more self-aware and increasing our wellbeing or satisfaction with our lives by improving emotional and mental health.

A typical session of counselling may involve exploring feelings, relationships, ways of thinking, patterns of behaviour or relationship dynamics.

How long will therapy last?
We offer a free initial assessment to ascertain if counselling therapy is the best approach for your individual need. If it is agreed that therapy is the most helpful way forward, we offer an initial 6 weekly therapy sessions lasting for 1 hour. On the 6th session, or before, we will review if more sessions are required.